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Be part of the new wave!

Timewarp believe plywood bellyboards have a massive part to play in reducing the use of plastic foam bodyboards globally. We aim to turn the tide against the use of plastic for surf craft particularly the low end disposable type boards that litter our beaches every summer. Plywood boards last for generations with very little care required and will not end up in land fill when they reach the end of their life, which if looked after can be many decades. See our page on care of your board for details. They can be recycled or reused unlike plastic boards which cannot at present be recycled.

We use the finest sustainably sourced Okoume marine ply which meets the strict FSC and EUTR standards. The plywood is made from trees harvested at a rate of 1 mature tree/hectare every 25 years. The glues that are used in the production of the plywood are all certified low formaldehyde content. To finish and waterproof the boards we use natural boiled linseed oil.