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Buyer’s Guide

Timewarp, traditional, marine ply surf-riding bellyboards and handplanes are hand crafted in our small family workshop in Portreath, Cornwall.

We make our Bellyboards from superior quality sustainably sourced marine plywood. Bellyboards last for many decades and offer an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic surf craft. They perform well in the white water but can be ridden with swim fins outside the break. Our Bellyboards are fast, lightweight and give an exhilarating ride. We offer a wide range Bellyboards in either oiled or painted finishes. If you’d like a custom Bellyboard we can make one to virtually any specification at a competitive price. We can also produce branded Bellyboards screen printed with your company logo.

LEASHES – We recommend always using a leash for the safety of you and those around you, especially in crowded summer conditions. We can pre-drill boards for you if required just add Leash Drilling from the Accessories page when ordering and choose LH or RH side.

See our video on how to fit a leash to your bellyboard.

BOARD SIZING – Please read our guide before ordering your board and don’t hesitate to contact us for friendly advice if you are unsure.

If you are between 5 and 6 feet tall and less than 95kg in weight a standard 4 foot board is most suitable.

If you are less than 5 feet tall a shorty board may be more suitable. Expert riders may also sometimes choose a shorty board for extra fun.

If you are over 6 feet tall a standard board may still be suitable but you may prefer a slightly longer board such as our 4 foot 6 inch version. These are available as a special order, please ask for details.

If you are over 6 feet tall and heavier than 95kg you may be ok on a standard board depending on experience but may get on better with a custom sized board that is a little wider and longer. These are available as a special order, please ask for details. Superlight boards are really only for experienced riders.

See our instagram video about nose curve or “Rocker” below.