Timewarp “Surfie” Boards

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Timewarp “Surfie” boards have been tested and developed by the leading exponents of performance bellyboarding in Cornwall.

Made from our standard sustainable FSC and EUTR approved marine plywood they are light and springy giving a lively ride with precise handling.

They feature gracefully  curved rails which improve the performance allowing better traction down the line.  They have a gentle nose rocker which is a good balance between speed and ability to load the front of the board to improve take off and make sections.

These boards are designed by experts for performance riding outside with fins but are equally at home having fun splashing around in the white water- one of the joys of a bellyboard!!

9mm Okoume Marine Plywood

13″wide – 47″ Long – 1.7kg



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5 reviews for Timewarp “Surfie” Boards

  1. Mark Hassard-Short (verified owner)

    Superb bellyboard. Made from quality materials. Used mine for the first time this morning at my local break, in less than Stella conditions. Handled really well. Thank you.

  2. Darren Smith

    I have been having so much fun riding this board, I’ve been taking it out in overhead surf and handles it really well, surprisingly flexible on bottom turns and very well made.

  3. Aoife (verified owner)

    Super-fast down the line. Quick and responsive to turn. So easy to duck dive when caught on the inside. Love it loads, its a little rocket 🙂

  4. Steve Davies

    Hi Rob, just thought I would share some thoughts regarding the surfie model that I am happy for you to quote 🙂: I just took my new surfie model belly board for it’s maiden voyage in a small 2ft summer swell at my local beach break. To say I was impressed would be an understatement! What on dry land looks like an unassuming piece of plywood in actually a wave seeking machine. This board has a beautiful lightness and slightly more than neutral buoyancy that makes paddling easy and makes entry into even small waves a dream. Perhaps it was my wave starved enthusiasm but I felt able to catch anything and the gentle entry rocker allowed easy entry into waves and high speed trimming on the face of the wave. This board has a lovely subtle flex that allows easy turning and I can’t wait to try it in some autumn swell! Good job Rob and all the Timewarp crew.

  5. Niall (verified owner)

    A cracking bellyboard, suitable for tall riders. Fun and fast. I’ve had great fun in east coast waves with this model. It looks great too.

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