Classic Oiled 4ft Bellyboard Navy Blue Logo

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This 4 foot oiled board is our “go to” classic bellyboard. Encapsulating all the spirit of traditional surf riding from a bygone era.  Made in exactly the same way as boards back in the day. They are curved, sanded, printed and oiled with love and care in our North Cornwall workshop a stones throw from the Atlantic Ocean in Portreath.

The boards feature a generous nose curve or rocker as its known. This helps to prevent the nose diving under the water. Expert riders may require a flatter board for extra speed so we can supply varying grades of “warp factor” if required. See Cecelia’s note in the buyers guide.

Blue Logo – 9mm Okoume Marine Plywood -47″ Long – 1.9kg



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2 reviews for Classic Oiled 4ft Bellyboard Navy Blue Logo

  1. Aoife Hegarty

    I got one in July, and totally love it. I’ve used it since on small beach breaks, glassy reefs and in heavy shorey conditions, and its been amazing all-round. Super-easy to duck dive and get out back when its heavy on the inside. It’s like a cross between bodysurfing and bodyboarding, and feels way faster! My new best friend 🙂

  2. Mel Southerden

    I bought one of the first they made. It’s a beauty. As a complete beginner, I use it in the white water and can catch most waves. I have so much fun on it. So will my grandson in years to come I’m sure

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