Plastic Free Bicep Leashes


Timewarp plastic free bicep leashes are made from natural jute fibres and feature high quality marine grade 314 stainless steel fittings.  The bicep strap features three press studs allowing adjustability. The leash is fully detachable from the bicep strap or the board allowing it to be left either on the board or the arm when walking to and from the water.  The strap is made from 50mm jute webbing and the leash from 8mm jute rope with traditional spliced and whipped loops.  The stainless fittings will last a lifetime or more and we offer a service where if the jute strap or leash wear out just return it to us and we will re-use the fittings and charge only for the jute components of the new leash! How’s that for sustainability.

To order simply measure round your bicep just above the elbow with your arm bent (see picture) and add the dimension to your order. we will make the leash to size with some adjustment either way.

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