Square Nose 4ft Bellyboard

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A proper old skool bellyboard! Square nosed boards were the fore runners of the rounded end style.

These Timewarp boards are based on a 30’s South African design.  The square end does help in some ways as it deflects the spray which sometimes hits you in the face on take off. This feature increases the rider’s visibility and enhances ride enjoyment. Because these are special order boards we can offer a choice of Length and logo colour – black, blue, white or green. Please specify when ordering. Delivery approx 14 days.

9mm Okoume marine plywood – 47″ long – 1.7kg

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1 review for Square Nose 4ft Bellyboard

  1. Gary Hillock

    I bought one of these from timewarp a while back mostly because I liked the old school shape. The board performs brilliantly!! Sooooo much fun to slide about on!!!

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