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Alaia boards where born in the rich tradition of Hawaiian surf culture and have been ridden for at least a thousand years. They are longer than the traditional Paipo boards which tend to be under 4 feet in length.

Our Custom made Alaia boards are made using multiple layers of our fully sustainable Okoume and/or Birch plywood. Each board is carefully designed to give just the right amount of flex without unnecessary weight.

These boards feature a gentle nose rocker and a concave tail.

Finished with a logo colour of your choice and our usual linseed oil they are truly beautiful surf craft.

Okoume Marine/Birch Plywood – 5’6″ Long (longer Alaia available as special order)



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1 review for Alaia Surfboards

  1. Matthew Lawford

    Ok so this is probably the best thing I’ve had the absolute pleasure to ride. The ride of my life today was had at Portreath beach. Solid swell, an offshore breeze soothing everything with the salty goodness that crashes off the waves.

    First drop I found my place fairly quickly and had a bit of concern about steering the board. With a slight motion of the back, it caught the edge and along I went at a 60 degrees. The turning on this thing is amazing!

    After the 4th wave, I had mastered the turns, the swell came in off the wall and away I went, a quick snap off of the fins and I was in, the walls rose up and before you knew it, a 4′ turned to 6’+. Straight down we went and a quick snap and was into the wave. Up the wave we went along and was caught in the crescent of the wave as it streamed over me. I came shooting out at what felt like a thousand miles an hour and to the beach we went. Not a wave could have beaten that today. Tomorrow will be amazing!

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